LadySitwell it´s a woman thing

It´s a woman thing – Are you uncomfortable in your seat at work?

Gernot Steifensand has the ergonomic seating solution specifically for women. The innovative German designers and gender seating scientists have developed an office chair just for women that can help combat the aches and pains many office workers suffer from. The new and revolutionary Lady Sitwell ergonomic gender seating solution specifically for women has a straight and shortened seat face and a particularly soft seat-front edge for better blood circulation of the legs and the flexible backrest has an integrated lumbar support, which supports the second and third lumbar vertebrae to reduce back sensitivity.

The new Lady Sitwell also boasts 3-D Sitwell technology, the backrest and seat face are freely mobile, which constantly and subtly move with the body in order to keep a balanced equilibrium meaning connective tissues are strengthened, respiration and blood circulation is improved, and the spinal column is unburdened. Read more at OS magazine.

OS magazine is the UK’s premier magazine for PAs, office managers, senior and executive secretaries. At the core of the secretarial industry, it monitors, analyses, reflects and highlights all the issues that are important in the promotion, enhancement and empowerment of today’s secretary as a professional career person.


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