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Ralph David Abernathy

Ralph David Abernathy (1926-1990) A close associate of Martin Luther King Jr., Abernathy was a key activist in the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955-1956, which began when Rosa Parks refused to yield to a city ordinance segregating public transportation. After King´s assassination in 1968, Abernanthy became leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and carried on the fight for racial equality.

Ralph_Abernathy_Made_America_21001 PEOPLE – WHO MADE AMERIKA who´s who of the Personalities, past and present, who have made America what it is today. This is a book recommendation by Gernot-M. Steifensand in Germany / Bavaria / Wendelstein.

History as a succession of events is at most only half-history. The rest is all about the people behind the events. The English essayist and historian Thomas Carlyle understood this writing back in 1840. „For, as I take it,“ he declared,“ …History …is at bottom the Hisotry of the Great Men who have worked here.“

Ralph David Abernathy (* 11. März 1926 in Linden, Alabama; † 17. April 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia) war ein US-amerikanischer Bürgerrechtler sowie baptistischer Geistlicher. Ab 1955 nahm er, bald als enger Freund von Martin Luther King, jr., an der Bürgerrechtsbewegung zur Gleichberechtigung von Afroamerikanern (Civil rights movement) teil.

Von 1968 bis 1977 war er Präsident der Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Seit 1971 arbeitete er in der Christlichen Friedenskonferenz (CFK) mit.

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Gender-Office Equal Rights for Women

Women sit differently – The ergonomic office chair for women:

Why do men and women use the same office chairs? Don’t size, weight, and anatomical differences matter, particularly considering that during an average work life, we spend more than 80,000 hours in an office, most of it sitting? Gernot Steifensand, son of F. M. Steifensand, inventor of the first ergonomically designed chair in the post-war world, has considered these questions for years.


ergonomic office chair san francisco
To answer these questions, Gernot Steifensand worked closely with physicians and chiropractors to understand the anatomy of women and men and how if at all sitting compromises these anatomies.

Independent medical studies proved definitively that men and women possess different sitting needs and that many problems associated with sitting – migraines, varicose veins, cellulite, fatigue, back and shoulder pain, and lethargy among others – can be relieved and/or eradicated by modifying chair design.

Gernot rocked the European office world with introduction of a patented swivel chair designed to meet the specific anatomical needs of women: LadySitwell.

The LadySitwell differs from ordinary unisex office swivel chairs in many effective details with proven therapeutic benefits. The seat is level and slightly shortened. The seat upholstery is sprung in the center and particularly soft in the front where the thighs rest. Both features help prevent cellulite. 

In addition, the chair back is flexible with adjustable height and lordosis support particularly in the region of the second and third lumbar vertebrae, and is narrow at shoulder height and wider at the hips, to accommodate the reverse triangle shape of the woman’s body. The chair back fully supports the spinal column and intervertebral discs, preventing damage to the joints.

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Last, but not least, these office chairs are furnished with a system for dynamic sitting that constantly keeps the muscles and the spinal column in slight micro-motion and that stimulates both metabolism and digestion, increases blood circulation and strengthens connective tissues.

But, that’s not all. Women differ in size, height and weight. Those who are a bit taller or a bit shorter know what this means. That is why the LadySitwell is also available in different sizes: S, M, L and XL, assuring that a woman 6 foot tall can take her seat as comfortably as one 5 foot 2 inches.

The good news is, the amazingly comfortable LadySitwell is now available in the United States. For further information about this revolutionary office chair for women or to test sit a chair in your office, or visit


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