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The new Lady Sitwell 2.0

The world´s first ergonomic office chair specifically for women

Gender seating science specialist Dr. med. Michael Sababi, Dr. med. Peter Taub created together with Prof. med. habil. Theodor Peters the new Lady Sitwell 2.0 – The world´s first ergonomic office chair made specifically for women.

Researches over the last decade in gender medicine and gender ergonomics shows that there are striking differences in the way men and women sit, due in part to different anatomical and physiological attributes.

Gernot Steifensand created with the world´s top gender medicine specialist Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michaela Döll a new gender seating solution just for women. The creation of Lady Sitwell is based on extensive ergonomic research that aims to explore and understand the differences women´s and men´s sitting styles.We are a sedentary society; in the workplace, we spend most of our day seated.

Most office workers, men and women, use the same ordinary chairs that do not take into account the anatomical, biological differences between men and women, nor compensate for the constant stress to the body from being seated much of the workday. It is no wonder that more than 75% of all workers suffer from backache.


Back problems are the number one cause of lost work hours due to illness. Women differ from men in size, height, and weight; the new ergonomic Lady Sitwell the world´s first ergonomic office chair specifically for women is available in different sizes, so a woman six feet tall can sit as comfortably as one five feet tall.

The new Lady Sitwell features a revolutionary 3-D swivel base which rocks from side to side, front to back, or any way she wants to sway.

Different gender-specific anatomical and physiological characteristics mean that women and men assume different sitting postures in order to achieve a comfortable position in office chair. The new gender-medicine and gender-seating science is responsible for the new ergonomic and gender seating revolution in the 21st century.

The new ergonomic seating – revolution it is called „Gender-Ergonomics“ by Prof. Dr. habil. Theodor Peters,Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michaela Döll, Prof. Mag. Dieter Messner, Dr. med. Michale Sababi, Dr. med. Peter Stehle, Dr. med. Frank Mosler, Dr. med. Peter Taub and Gernot Steifensand. The world first ergonomic office chair will be presented at ORGATEC in Cologne from 23. until 27. October, Hall 7.1, Booth C41.

…just sit well, feel well and stay healthy


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