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The Foundation for a Smokefree America

The Foundation for a Smokefree America’s mission is to motivate youth to stay tobaccofree and to empower smokers to quit successfully. Best known for its national campaign for teen smoking prevention, the group’s websites also offer free support each month to thousands of smokers who wish to quit.







The 501c3 org has worked since 1989 to educate the public about the effect of tobacco tax increases on smoking rates, second hand smoke, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and more. The Foundation’s tobacco prevention message to youth has impacted millions of children and teens, and its educational video, The Truth About Tobacco, has now been purchased by over 10,000 schools and health departments, both in the US and internationally.

Smokefree America was awarded a continuing $10,000 per month grant from Google for free advertising, which the foundation uses to raise public awareness about tobacco use. The group provides free smoking cessation tips and excellent tobacco prevention resources; it also supports thousands of students every year who are researching papers about tobacco.



When Greece’s Minister of Health invited the Foundation’s Executive Director Patrick Reynolds to speak in Athens in 2009, there was strong coverage by the Greek newsmedia of his visit. At this time, the Foundation is seeking corporate, private and government sponsors for additional international speaking tours.

In China and India alone, it is anticipated that one billion people would get a powerful reminder about tobacco use from news coverage in those nations.



The Foundation for a Smokefree America is a tax-exempt, public foundation. For more detailed info or to make a donation, please visit






Educational video from

„I have recently reviewed and evaluated a tobacco use prevention video that I would like to tell you about, „The Truth about Tobacco,“ which features Patrick Reynolds. He is a grandson of RJ Reynolds, and a renowned tobacco prevention speaker at schools throughout the nation. „This video, which shows a live talk to high school students by Mr. Reynolds, is a compelling and honest overview of the health problems caused by tobacco.

The video is an excellent fit with our high school unit on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. It meets all of our factual information objectives on tobacco use.„It is the best and most up-to-date video on the topic of teen and adult tobacco use. It has no weaknesses. In my opinion, after viewing many similar videos, it is the best video available.

 „As a result of our review and evaluation, we are purchasing this video for all of our high schools. We are also thinking of bringing Patrick Reynolds in to speak to our students ‚live‘ and are now exploring getting sponsorship through the local County health department and/or our local hospitals. Evidently hospitals like cosponsoring, because he gets good local media coverage, which builds goodwill for them. I feel so positive about this program that I wanted to share this information with you.“



Russell Henke

Evaluator of Health Education materials

Montgomery County Public Schools

Montgomery County, Maryland 



„This video had a huge impact on my kids. I have shown it to all of my PE kids — 7th and 8th grade — and they were enthralled. I’ve never had 42 children in a portable classroom so quietly at the same time! We were so moved that many different activities stemmed from the viewing, and I am wrapping up the Tobacco unit with two days in our computer lab, going on a virtual field trip and taking a Webquest. I am grateful for this video.“

Carol Carey, PE teacher
Dartmouth Middle School
San Jose, CA

School Library Journal’s review


„Patrick Reynolds‘ father died from the product that made the family fortune — cigarettes. In this program, Reynolds, grandson of tobacco company founder R.J. Reynolds and an anti-smoking advocate and renowned speaker, addresses a high school audience. His dynamic presentation is enlivened by videos, posters, and overhead slides. Amusing and effective take-offs of popular cigarette ads catch the audience’s attention… This production, with its humor and varied format, is a powerful reminder of all the reasons to avoid tobacco and a useful resource for drug/ tobacco education programs in middle and high schools.“

School Library Journal

Safe and Drug Free Schools coordinator says:


The Truth About Tobacco is a powerful mix of great TV spots, live talk, photos, film clips, and excellent graphics. This video was so effective, we’re buying one for every school in our district. It will be an important part of our new tobacco education campaign. It should be in every middle and high school library.“

Linda Currier, Safe and Drug Free Schools
Drug Education Coordinator
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw School District, Fort Worth, TX