Tap water is considered the best and most economical thirst quencher, our staple food.
Many drinking water plants advertise the high quality of their water. The responsibility of the Waterworks ends at the house. It is up to you to optimize the water with the latest technology. Steifensand Health Technology helps.

Drinking water in Germany is a controversial issue. Tap water is delicious, but it can contain dangerous levels of chemicals. The pollutants contained in the water tastes and smells are not. Many water tests often show only a small part of the ingredients. Media report daily on the current frightening problems about drinking Water.

Water is transport for nutrients and drugs to the individual organs in the body deposited pollutants are flushed from the body. The supply of water as drive our metabolism is vital. The body water content in humans is up to 75% of these infants is as high as 90%.

Water is an excellent solvent. It dissolves many substances that it encounters during its long journey to the surface. Unwanted bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, as well as minerals, salts, metals are a natural way into our surface and groundwater.

Tons of pesticides, chemicals and manure are washed into groundwater by agriculture. Groundwater, lakes and rivers suffer from pollution from septic tanks, landfills, septic tanks and leaking underground gasoline and oil tanks. Despite strict controls are used in addition to residues from pipes (heavy metals such as zinc, copper, cadmium, lead) also increased drug residues and hormones detected.

Chlorine for decades to disinfect our drinking water. Chlorine is one of the most reactive element and reacts with almost all elements. By reaction with the other ingredients of the water which is undesirable and sometimes toxic or carcinogenic substances such as trihalomethanes. More than 700 organic and inorganic chemicals were detected. A danger to your health.

The Federal Environment Agency Germany recommends that drinking water containing more than four hours has been in the line, not to be used for preparing food and drinks. From the preparation of infant formula is not recommended. Use at high nickel sensitivity no stagnation of water. This water include chromed fittings can be strong nickeliferous, it triggers an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals.

The Cartis water processing systems are effective against harmful substances contained in water.
Bacteria, viruses, chlorine, calcium, heavy metals, and cyanide are removed.
No bad taste and odor of water.
Water without chlorine and improving physical chemistry, organic and completely natural.

Steifensand Health Technology has the goal of patented products and valuable to all people to demonstrate a simple and effective way to keep them healthy and vital well into old age.




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