O2PRO filter systems

Cartis has long-standing collaboration with CNRS – Centre National de la Recherche developed Scientifique the National Center for Scientific Research, a government-funded research institution under the supervision and control of the French Ministry of Research Aktivkarbonat one. This is not contaminated and has a cleaning capacity (commercially available products typically have a capacity of 3-5000 L) up to 350,000 liters of water, which corresponds to the average water consumption of a European 4 person household over a period of 2 years.

Cartis Industry offers a unique and reliable solution.
The development has been patented worldwide in 1998 (patent WO98/47819), and has many international certifications.

Through its patented process, based on nanotechnology, silver with the highest degree of purity (N6) to the internal and external surfaces of the implanted micro pores of the activated carbon. It is specifically a large metallic silver-like surface produced * (activation of 2.000m ² / g). This allows you to protect against bacterial contamination of the activated carbon while retaining the valuable mineral salts in the water that are important to our health.
* NB – Not to be confused with the environmentally damaging products from the market on silver salt or silver nitrate base.
Unlike carbon Cartis they have a very short life.

The absorption of Cartis is 150 million bacteria per cubic centimeter.

For comparison:
• Sandy holds back 2-3 million bacteria per cubic centimeter.
• The best of the activated carbon market holds back 40 to 100 million per cc.

The specific surface after treatment in our reactors is between 2,000 and 2,500 square meters per gram
(equivalent of half a football field).
This patented manufacturing process are the O2PRO systems capable of pollutants such as nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, microbes, chloramines, hormones, drugs, organochlorine compounds, cyanuric acid, and suspended solids to be removed from the water.

Advantages of the compact series O2PRO
The container of high quality stainless steel holds up to a pressure 10 bar (TÜV certificate). The Cartis O2PRO series meets international industry standards (NSF / EC / NC) and guarantees exceptional long maintenance intervals of 3 years. Compared to other commercially available water treatment techniques for cleaning and disinfecting the system is currently worldwide number one spot.

The installation is done after the water and thus supplies the whole house with clean, safe water.
The compact design allows for easy, space-saving installation.
Enjoy the benefits of delicious drinking water and soft water for showering.

In contrast to conventional filter systems, our systems require neither a backwash (reverse osmosis) have additional consumer products such as salts or a permanent power supply.

Conventional activated carbon filters require frequent changes of filter cartridges and are constantly exposed to the risk of contamination. A perfect complement to UV purification systems for domestic hot water treatment of rain water or well water or river water. The performance of the systems ranges from 500L / L to 30,000 / hr.


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