Cartis ® – the processes and powders have a worldwide patent.

The International Veroffentlichungsnummer of Cartis ® – patent reads: PCT/IB98/00619, at the time of Switzerland, China, confirmed the ARIPO OAPI et.
Classification Code: C02F 1 / 50

Patent applicants and inventors: Mr. Herve Gallion (Owner)

The name „Cartis“ is protected worldwide and was on 6 October 1997 in Paris at the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) under the number: registered 97,697,998th

Awards, Tests & Approvals:

People’s Republic of China – complete approval of water treatment systems and the Cartis ® – powder.
From the ANVAR (National Agency for upgrading the research) was awarded a prize.
Pioneer Status Enterprise Certificate for the Indian Ocean (1998).
ISO 9002 – Qualifying (Republic of Mauritius) since 12/24/1998.
Laboratory for health, environment and hygiene in Lyon (France) – tests for the bactericidal action / confirmation of non-re-release of silver / review of the increase in dissolved oxygen.
Institut Pasteur (Tananarive, Madagascar) – Bactericidal tests of the water after Cartis ® treatment.
Health Minister of Mauritius – has performed all over the island with numerous successful tests.
CWA / Central Water Authorities (Mauritius) – confirmation tests.
Beijing Water Distribution Company (China) – bacteriological testing and analysis regarding the Cartis ® – Water treatment systems and the Cartis ™ – powder.
SERAM (Analysis Centre of engineering school for „trade“) – has a long-term study of Scale Prevention Cartis performed.


CARTIS O2PRO 60  |   Studio, 1-2 Pers. ca. 600 l/h

CARTIS O2PRO 100  |   Appartement, 2-3 Pers. ca. 1000 l/h

CARTIS O2PRO 200  |   Appartement, 3-4 Pers. ca. 2000 l/h

CARTIS O2PRO 400   |   Home, 5-6 Pers., 2-3 Baths, already commercial use ca. 4000 l/h

CARTIS O2PRO 600  |   2 Detached houses, 6-9 Pers., Restaurants, Bakeries, Hairdressing salons, Vets etc. ca. 6000 l/h

CARTIS O2PRO 800  |   Home, 5-8 Residential units, 15 – 20 Pers., big Restaurants, Companies etc. ca. 8000 l/h

CARTIS O2PRO 60  |   Demosystem: Mobile demonstration unit ca. 600 l/h 


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