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SitWell Ergonomic Workplace Solutions

Economically correct sitting has style. Our new collection with interchangeable cushions makes it possible for you to create your individual sitting dream at home or in your office. Our office chairs are individually manufactured and thus guarantee the highest possible level of comfort and durability. That’s Sitwell – Quality handmade in Germany

Our bodies are the houses in which we live, and health is the most important thing we have in life.
The SITWELL seat research group and an international team of doctors have been on a quest to
understand the causes of the nation’s number one disease: back pain and other office illnesses.



The purchase of seating is a matter of trust. „Seating illnesses“ creep up on us, and we only become
aware of it when we feel pain.


Every person sits differently. Women are especially disadvantaged on DIN and uniform chairs due to
their breathing and biological needs „Sitting makes you ill“, and those who sit should be able to sit
especially well in order to protect their health and prevent back and shoulder pain.

SITWELL creates custom seating solutions for you and works like medicine for the body, mind and
soul as well as improves your emotional and physical health at the workplace. Sitting at your desk
in a healthy manner can reduce not only sick days for the company, but also maintains the
performance and vitality of the employees.

The new SITWELL seating solutions for professionals offer you „seating freedom“ of the highest
German quality at a sensational price.


bandscheiben_orangeSPINAL DISC SEAT
The patented SITWELL spinal disc seat from doctor and sports scientist Dr. med. Peter Stehle 
corrects your posture in every sitting position. The seat surface is tilted forward and up.
The spinal cord falls into a natural and comfortable double S-form, which allows for a 
better supply of vital nutrients to the spinal discs.

frau_orangeWOMEN'S SEAT
The active-breathing women's seat with an extra-soft front edge and integrated
7-zone pocket  spring core provides the best seating climate and distribution 
of pressure. It promotes blood circulation and activates vein flow in the legs. 
Blood can return to the heart more easily instead of stagnating in the legs.
Optimal circulation offers the best protection against thrombosis and cold feet..

mann_orangeMEN'S SEAT
The athletic men's seat with aeration groove prevents pressure on the nerves and 
blood vessels and provides optimal breathing. Excessive pressure on arteries and
veins in the genital area causes a lack of oxygen supply and normal blood flow, which can
lead to feelings of numbness and impotence.

The ergonomically formed DIN seat with comfortable cushion for universal applications
allows for fatigue-free sitting.

Ihre Gesundheit

Women’s backs


Women sit differently because they are biologically and anatomically different. A woman’s pelvis is flatter and wider than a man’s.

Women are susceptible to lordosis, which means they need a different kind of support. Women also breathe 4-6 times more per minute than a man and have a greater need for motion in the legs, hips, and rear.

Men’s backs


Men sit differently because they have more muscles and a different physical composition.

Men have a different pelvis shape and are susceptible to humpback. The reproductive organs are on the body’s exterior and by nature are not made for heat.



Ihre Sitzlösungen

You are a unique individual. Make a decision for your individual SITWELL Gernot Steifensand custom seating solution for better health at your workplace.

Choose your professional-grade seat:

medical doctor and sports scientist.
Orthopaedic spinal disc seat, patent no. 10 2008 064 144
DER MÄNNER-SITZ MEN’S SEAT by Dr. med. Michael Sababi, gender seating expert,
Health Care Center Beverly Athletic men’s spinal disc seat,
patent no. 101 17 602 C1
DER FRAUEN-SITZ WOMEN’S SEAT by Dr. habil. Theodor Peters, head director,
specialist for occupational and social medicine.
Comfortable women’s spinal disc seat, patent no. 101 17 602 C1
DER DIN-SITZ DIN SEAT by Dr. med. Frank Mosler
Specialist for neuroradiology and radiology

Wählen Sie Ihre Sitzkonfektion

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SITWELL is ecological, environmentally friendly, and has ahigh level of individuality and recognisability. We offer a special service, long warranty periods, and recycling – a big plus for many of our customers.


SITWELL is dedicated to keeping you fit through ecological and biological seating, which reduces down-time and illness costs at the computer station.


SITWELL is the brand products were developed over the last ten years with passion and dedication from doctors, occupational therapists, radiologists, sports scientists, seating pioneers, and gender-ergonomics experts as well as with our customers and company doctors.


SITWELL distinguishes itself today from competitors with international patents, new materials, and scientifically-tested technologies in order to give our customers the safety and trust to purchase new seating that is comfortable and ergonomic.


SITWELL brand quality is made possible with especially high quality „hand-made in Germany“. This long life cycle rouses human emotions and health consciousness. LFIRE-L



Ihre Vorteile auf einem Blick

Fachhändler vor Ort Retailers near you
Sitting is a matter of trust when it comes to buying new seating. Take advantage of our free,
14-day „just sit well trial seating period“. Your health is up to you, and these customised seats
can spare you from many seating illnesses.
5 years of SITWELL brand quality. This is a brand promise of special value „hand made in Germany“.
Geprüfte Qualität Tested quality
All custom seating solutions carry the GS logo for maximum safety at home and in the office.
Preis & Leistung Price & service
One kilogram of SITWELL brand office chairs costs about €30. That means that over 10 years
with 220 workdays per year, healthy, customised seating costs an average of € 0.26 per day.
Recycling Recycling
SITWELL guarantees you that we will take back all of our products free of charge and dispose
of them in such a way as to re-use it in the materials cycle.
Medizinisch getestet Medically tested
All SITWELL brand office chairs were developed together with leading occupational therapists,
sports doctors, and orthopaedics.
Medical opinions and scientifically-confirmed certificates and reviews are available for most seating designs.
All orders are delivered free of charge and are fully assembled by your local retailer.
No assembly required!
Objektberatung Consultation
Our trained ergonomics and gender seating consultants at the Wendelstein plant will be glad to
help you in finding a local retailer and can advise you on seating.
Magnetic field stabilisation for biologically-friendly workplaces, new discoveries and new materials
as well as scientifically-tested technologies reduce daily fatigue and improve well-being at computer
workstations (available upon request at no extra charge).

Preise & Ausstattung



SITWELL - Synchron SITWELL Synchronous-Mechanism Basic Series Synchronous mechanism with separate seat angle adjustment. Seat and backrest synchronously follow the movements of the person sitting in the chair with the ergonomically correct positions. Frequent changes of position while seated relaxes the muscles, shifts the burden off spinal discs, and improves circulation. The spinal cord is automatically shifted to the natural S-shapes. All of this ensures fatigue-free sitting. The opposing pressure in the backrest is personally adjustable (50 – 125 kg).
DER MÄNNER-SITZ SITWELL HIP MOVE Synchronous Mechanism – $50 extra. Synchronous mechanism with automatic hip-move weight adjustment. Seat and backrest follow the movements of the person sitting in the chair with the ergonomically correct positions. The hip-move effect focuses on the pelvis and provides support for the spinal cord. This enables more blood flow to the muscles and promotes nutrient supply to the spinal discs.
SITWELL – 3D Pending SITWELL 3-D Pending Mechanism (only for SUN models) – $ 290 extra. This is the best of SITWELL seating technologies when it comes to bio-energetic and 3-dimensional seats. The new and invigorating feeling you get when sitting activates your body, mind and soul, moving you into a series of seating positions. The base portion is separate from the seat surface and swings on 8 cables. Sitting and rocking, just like on a gymnastic ball, releases energy blocks and encourages blood circulation throughout your entire body. Your breathing will improve and you’ll feel bio-energetically fit.
Lumbalstütze Lumbar Support – $ 90 extra
This lumbar support, adjustable to 6 cm high and 3.5 cm thick, provides you with the ideal, personalised support for your lower back. System Schukra

Stoff-Auswahl€ 250 extra Leder

446 Orange
446 Orange
451 Royal
451 Royal
506 Gelb
506 Yellow
500 Bordeaux
500 Bordeaux
448 Brombeere
448 Blackberry
441 Dunkelblau
441 Dark Blue
507 Rot
507 Red
508 Grün
508 Green
442 Rot
442 Red
440 Schwarz
440 Black
503 Braun
503 Brown
502 Blau
502 Blue
445 Mittelbraun
445 Medium Brown
450 Patrol
450 Patrol
512 Creme
512 Creme
505 Schwarz
505 Black
449 Gelb
449 Yellow
447 Grau
447 Grey
501 Weiss
501 White
504 Grau
504 Grey



100% Xtreme FR®
abrasion resistance
100,000 abrasion test
465g / running metre., +/-5%
140 cm wide
6 according to ISO 105 – B02:1999
Rubfastness dry
4 according to 105 – X12:2002
Rubfastness wet:
4 according to 105 – X12:2002
Fire resistance according to DIN 4102 B1
Semi Aniline Leather
1.0 – 1.2 mm
DIN EN ISO 105-B02 Min.3
DIN EN ISO 11640 Min.4
Dry: 500 rubs
Wet: 80 rubs
Sweat pH 9: 50 rubs
Tear propagation load:
DIN 53329 Min. 20 N/mm
pH value:
DIN EN ISO 4045 Min. 3.5

500 Bordeaux



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