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There is SO much to do for our Adopt-A-Family Program in December!

The CLF is hosting three Holiday Events with friends like California Supply, Topson-Down & Malibu Kiwanis Club sponsoring them- and JAKKs Pacific, Agape, and the Malibu Schools providing AMAZING toys! EACH family will additionally receive a $500 Stipend- to help ease financial strain, pay extra bills, and be able to fully enjoy the holiday season  with their children…

If YOU would like to make a donation to purchase gifts, help with adopting a family, or SPONSORING an entire family- GO RIGHT HERE!

RECENT HIGH SCHOOL GRAD JASMIN – CONGRATULATIONS to ANGEL –  (He just got into CAL-STATE NORTHRIDGE!) &to JASMIN, ELY & CHRISTPHER- enrolled currently at SMC!WOW!  TUTOR AN AT-RISK CHILD & CHANGE A LIFE! Go to Find some of our great, local volunteer opportunities HERE!



The CLF’s Mission:

The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to positively transforming the lives of LA’s at-risk, very low-income and homeless youth & families. By focusing on the clear-cut philosophy of providing the child with the basic foundation for a full, rich life- One-on-One Educational attention and college preparation, housing access for hard-working families still living in shelters, incredible recreational and outdoor opportunities, and sharing the Holiday spirit with their friends and community- the CLF has found its prime role in helping a core group of LA youth and families reach its most full, and best, potential!

Today, the CLF has served well over 50,000 children and thousands of homeless and low-income families in LA through our four collaborative programs!


Actor Michael Chiklis at Camp4All in Malibu!

Over 50,000 children, teens and their parents have attended the Children’s Lifesaving Foundation’s Camp4All Surf and Summer Day Camps to date. They have come throughout the year from shelters, missions, Boys and Girls Clubs, elementary and high schools, churches and other great organizations dealing with

at-risk youth.





The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation was originally formed by Maria D’Angelo in 1993 toprovide primary and preventative health care to homeless and at-risk children. These children were either chronically or terminally ill with cancer, pediatric AIDS, asthma or diabetes, or needed specialized or reconstructive surgery, skin grafts due to burns, along with subsequent medical & psychological attention.

In finding and working with these children, we realized that some needed much more than medical attention.Many of these children had never been out of their dangerous, inner-city environment; they had never been to the ocean, to Disneylandcertainly never to a camp setting

We found that there are a large number of economically deprived children who suffer emotionally, psychologically and, quite often, physically – from the harsh urban environment in which they live and endure on a daily basis. As we began bringing children into the peaceful and naturally beautiful environment of the Santa Monica Mountains, we realized how quick, transforming and truly life-changing the results really were.



They are at great risk of perpetuating the cycle of poverty and despair in which they are growing up. This is the vital reason why Maria D’Angelo, Founder, President and CEO, founded the Spring and Summer Camp Enrichment Program. The main goal and focus of the CLF soon became to bring shelter bound, low-income and at-risk youth up into the Santa Monica Mountains to have the absolute summer of a lifetime!


By creating two additional programs in 1994, the Adopt-A-Family Program and Project Angel’s Wings Program, and Kids Helping Kids, and most recently, the “Care through College” Educational Program in Venice, the CLF has found more positive, affirmative and permanent ways to further the great benefits and advantages realized for these at-risk and homeless children, teens and their families.


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LOOK AT our amazing Sponsors, In-Kind Donors & Great volunteers HERE!

Some of the CLF’s Adopt-A-Family family members!





SINCE 1993:

-Number of  total homeless and very low-income LA-area families and youth who have participated in our Camp4All! Summer Camps since 1993: 50,000

-Number of homeless and very low-income LA-area families and youth who have been served by our Project Angel Wings Thanksgiving & Holiday Events: 23,600

-Percentage of families who were moved successfully from a shelter into a new home since 1993: 98%-Total number of families moved since 1993: 42 families

-Success Rate, in terms of families staying together, children continuing school, attending college, and getting a good job: 92%

-Percentage of children in our Adopt-A-Family Program who continue to academically excel and increase their GPA each year: 93%

-Number of College Scholarships given out: 45-Percentage of homeless children who had never picked up a surf board before attending the 2010 Camp4All! Summer Season:91%

-Percentage of these children who now feel comfortable on a Surf Board: 99%-Percentage of homeless children living in LA shelters who had never been to the beach before our Camp4All Summer Program: 89%


-Amount of In-Kind Donations-Toys, birthday gifts, clothing, shoes, back packs, school supplies and other requested items given out in 2009: $325,000

– Amount of In-Kind Donations-Toys, birthday gifts, toiletries, home goods & furnishings, clothing, shoes, backpacks, school supplies and other requested items given out in the past seventeen years:$3,200,000

-Number of  at-risk and homeless youth & families recreational and cultural Field trips, Holiday Events and parties, Dodgers games, Galaxy Games, Clippers games, dinners, graduation celebrations and movies attended:

Over 50,000 at-risk and homeless youth and their families!


The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation 
1112 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, Ca. 90403

PHONE (310)-450-3701
FAX (310) 451-7818





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