SitWell Earth by Gernot Steifensand

The earth is the home planet of humans and millions of other species. SitWelll EARTH is your own personal „seating habitat“ at the workplace, which will keep you fit and healthy. The timeless art design and new 3D-seating technology with state of the art features release your „seating energy“, leaving you feeling fit and ready to perform. Every hour on SitWell EARTH gives you strength and activates your energy for life.


Economically correct sitting has style. Our new SitWell Gernot Steifensand NeoCon Collection 2014 with interchangeable cushions makes it possible for you to create your individual sitting dream at home or in your office. Our ergonomic office chairs are individually manufactured and thus guarantee the highest possible level of comfort and durability. SitWell EARTH  by Gernot Steifensand gives your body the strength and energy you need to keep your body, mind, and soul in balance. Sitwell Gernot Steifensand – Quality handmade in Germany.




 Ergonomic_seating solutions_SitWell_Steifensand EARTH L
Design without armrests with armrests
DIN S-5100LD S-5130LD
Mann S-5100LT S-5130LT
Frau S-5100LF S-5130LF
Bandscheiben S-5100LO S-5130LO

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